[VIDEO] Why the NBA Is Facing a Difficult Choice in China

October 11, 2019

This week, Houston Rockets owner Daryl Morey sparked an international controversy when he tweeted his support for the protests in Hong Kong. His words angered both Chinese officials and businesses, leading a number of companies and government organizations to suspend ties with the Rockets. The NBA tried to ease the situation by calling Morey’s comments “regrettable,” which then caused outrage among Americans. This short video explains how the NBA must walk a fine line between appealing to its core U.S. fanbase and China’s hundreds of millions of basketball fans. 


  1. Why is China such an important market for the NBA?
  2. What do you think the NBA should do to resolve this complicated situation?

2 Responses to [VIDEO] Why the NBA Is Facing a Difficult Choice in China

  • 1. China could soon overtake the US as the world’s largest retail unit, which makes them important. The Houston Rockets are the most important team in China which means that the comments from Morey are going to roughen their relationship. This made up a big fanbase for them which gives them more money as fans from China make up a huge market for buying NBA products. China wanted to rethink their partnerships with the NBA which can be very detrimental to the NBA who needs them to expand profits. The leagues reputation can be tarnished which can ruin their credibility.

    2. Even though many people in the US don’t want the NBA to apologize for Morey using his freedom of speech, I think they should be apologizing. If they apologize, relations can be strengthened and built back up. Credibility/reputations can be saved by owning up to their mistakes.

  • 1) China is such an important market for the NBA because they have many overseas fans and it gives them a huge market to buy NBA products. Morey’s comments on the Chinese protest against Hong Kong really sparked controversy and made China rethink their partnership with the NBA, which could seriously hurt their reputation.

    2) I really think that the NBA should make amends and apologize so it doesn’t hurt their reputation and could strengthen their relationship with China.

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