[VIDEO] American Shopping Malls Struggle to Survive

February 9, 2018

Last week, we looked at how property owners are trying to combat the decline of shopping malls by appealing to non-retail tenants like gyms and fitness centers. This video provides more background on this downward spiral, showing footage of American malls thriving in their heyday as well as the decaying, abandoned structures that some have become. But the video isn’t entirely doom and gloom: it also gives a lot of screentime to an Atlanta-area shopping center called Plaza Fiesta that could provide the model for malls of the future.


  1. Why did shopping malls start to decline? How can mall owners win customers back?
  2. Do you think shopping centers like Plaza Fiesta could be the future of malls? Why or why not?

2 Responses to [VIDEO] American Shopping Malls Struggle to Survive

  • Malls are closing due to internet sales. The malls of America can win customers back by offering a bigger variety of stores and entertainment for family. I believe shopping centers like Plaza Fiesta will keep the shopping experience interesting and get people out of their homes for many years too come. having an environment that is fun for everyone keeps people wanting to come back for fun with their friends and family’s.

  • It was a booming business that finally went down due to the internet which makes it easier to buy product online. Most malls are keeping it updated to the time and modern world that’s growing around it. Which draws customers in and make business grow. From food, entertainment and much more to draw the customer in.

    Plaza Fiesta could have a future in becoming a great mall, but would need to update its store to be more effectively to the community around, by doing so to bring in the consumers around it, by adding new stores, entertainment and also activates for people to be interactive with. The neighborhood around the mall has a lot of people and a younger crowd to draw in. It also could be another wasted space due to people are always on the go and is in a more young adult area.

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