[VIDEO] The Evolution of Open Offices

March 6, 2020

Last year, we looked at how open office plans can discourage communication between employees despite claims about their supposed collaborative benefits. This video explains the history of open offices and how modern workplaces often fail to live up to the standards of the past due to concerns about cost. 


  1. How do modern open office plans tend to discourage communication and collaboration between employees? 
  2. Do you think more companies should create open office plans based on the principles of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and other visionaries of the past? Why or why not?

One Response to [VIDEO] The Evolution of Open Offices

  • 1. Modern office plans discourage collaboration and communication due to cubicals. They are designed to have privacy and are not open to communication from desk to desk.
    2. I believe companies should create more open office plans based on Frank Wright. The vision provides space between each employee but also keeps it open for communication. Each employee can collaborate from their desk or decide not to participate.

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