[VIDEO] Why Most Orange Juice Comes From Brazil, Not Florida

August 31, 2018

Although many American advertisements suggest that Florida remains the orange juice capital of the world, the video below shows how that’s not quite the case. Due to the state’s extreme weather and a number of other factors, the South American nation of Brazil has long stood as the globe’s top producer of OJ.


  1. Why has the size of Florida’s orange crop fallen so much in recent years?
  2. What are the benefits and drawbacks of Brazil’s dominance of the orange industry?

2 Responses to [VIDEO] Why Most Orange Juice Comes From Brazil, Not Florida

  • 1) Florida’s orange crop has fallen so much in recent years because of their bad weather and frost.
    2) The benefits of Brazil’s dominance of the orange industry are orange juice bottles being cheaper if they’re from Brazil. Drawbacks would be empowering Brazil’s not so good labor rights by buying from them and also because of the pesticides said to have been found.

  • That’s part of it. Most are surprised to hear, for instance, that the big brands, which market their product as “pure” and “simple,” add flavor packs to their juice to make it fresh. But people are also misinformed about the growing of juice oranges. A flight attendant once told me that he gets far more requests for orange juice on flights to Florida, because there’s still a strong association of oranges with the state. Yet most of the juice he’s serving now comes from Brazil, where there are fewer environmental regulations, and labor and land for growing oranges are cheaper.

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