[VIDEO] How One Business Pivoted to Fighting Coronavirus

April 30, 2020

Although many companies remain closed during the ongoing pandemic, some businesses have been able to alter their operations to produce increasingly vital supplies. This video looks at how Dogfish Head Brewery managed to keep its employees on the payroll while also supplying local hospitals with hand sanitizer.


  1. How did Dogfish Head Brewery change its operations to make hand sanitizer?
  2. What is the three-step process that Dogfish Head Brewery used to engage with their community during the coronavirus crisis?

2 Responses to [VIDEO] How One Business Pivoted to Fighting Coronavirus

  • 1. Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, got an email from David Grinnell, who oversees brewing for Sam Adams, who repurposed their production facility to make hand sanitizer. This transition would take place overnight with engineers at work, creating a custom bottling line for filling hand sanitizer to help out with the coronavirus crisis.
    2. The three steps that Dogfish Head Brewery took to engage with their community was to partner with the government by reaching out to local and state officials to understand where the need is for supply and demand. Hand sanitizer demand is in facilities such as hospitals and health agencies. The next step would be to sell the product; the reason is for payroll so that company can pay essential bills and keep the jobs within the company, such as full-time and co-workers. Instead of the workers being at the hotels and restaurants, they are making and packaging hand sanitizers for health care facilities that need them the most. The last step would be for Dogfish Head Brewery to give back to their community. Since they are a Delaware-based company, they wanted to figure out a way to give back to there home state. What Dogfish did with all of the profits that they received is they would go toward financial relief to hospitality workers that are out of work given the current situation.

  • 1) Removed flavoring and aromatic agents out of the recipe after giving the first batch to hospitals
    2) Reach out to local/state government to find out where there is a need.
    Sell the product & give back to contribute to the financial fund

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