[VIDEO] The Future of Factory-Made Bread

September 27, 2019

Baking bread is a difficult enterprise under the best circumstances, but baking on an industrial scale is so complicated that only a few long-standing companies have truly mastered it. At the same time, the products made by brands like Wonder Bread are often packed with chemicals that many health-conscious consumers want to avoid. That’s where La Boulange comes in, a San Francisco bakery that runs 24 hours a day and operates like a factory. The video below shows how La Boulange makes high-end, delicious bread that its then sold to other local bakeries as well as major retailers like Costco.


  1. Why do brands like Wonder Bread use preservatives and other chemicals? Do you think this makes their products less appealing? 
  2. Why is it important for La Boulange to be able to supply major retailers like Costco and Amazon?