[VIDEO] How Minimum Wage Works in the U.S.

September 5, 2019

In recent years, progressive policymakers have advocated to increase the minimum wage across the nation while other legislators oppose the measure entirely. Along with looking at the reasoning behind both sides, this video also explains how foreign countries deal with the complicated issue of the minimum wage. 


  1. How does minimum wage policy in the U.S. differ from other countries?
  2. Should the U.S. develop a minimum wage system that is tied to inflation? Why or why not?

One Response to [VIDEO] How Minimum Wage Works in the U.S.

  • 1. The U.S. minimum wage policy is very different from other countries the U.S. stays the same while the other countries goes up. This makes the other countries minimum wage to be higher than the U.S.
    2. I think it should but shouldn’t because if the U.S. made the minimum wage higher there would be more people that want more jobs but there also wont be enough jobs for everyone. This may cause more people not want to work if there jobs are filled.

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