[VIDEO] Why “Buy One, Get One Free” Isn’t a Great Deal

January 18, 2019

For many shoppers, a “buy one, get one free” deal is often too good to pass up. As this video shows, though, “BOGO” promotions aren’t as special as many consumers perceive them to be.


  1. How do “buy one, get one free” deals sometimes deceive customers?
  2. Why do retailers like Amazon show customers a product’s original list price along with the discounted price?

2 Responses to [VIDEO] Why “Buy One, Get One Free” Isn’t a Great Deal

  • 1. Buy one get one free deals usually aren’t being sold for a good price and the store could either be just trying to get rid of a old product or just trying to get customers to come in and buy other products. Mean while they came in for just the good deal.
    2. Many websites will do this so it looks like there getting a good amount of money off of the product they bought. The products usually never switch prices but if someone is interested in the product and see that it is on sale they would be more into it because they feel there getting a good deal and cant pass it up.

  • 1. The second item is never “Free” as they say it is, BOGO deals often come with an extra “fee”. The store obviously wants to get this item they are selling off the shelf, that is true, but also still want to make a quick dollar extra while charging you more for the offer. Consumers believe it is a good deal because on the item it says “free” as an add-on. Really, it’s usually more accurate as a “Buy One, Get One at-ten-to-twenty-percent-off-depending-on-how-much-we-want-to-scam-you” kind of deal.
    2. Amazon wants you, the consumer, to believe that you are really getting a great deal on an item they have in stock. In reality, they want you to buy off of them than off of the actual company that it came from. Basically giving Amazon the profit off an item that they didn’t create, whilst also giving the consumer an above retail price.

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