[VIDEO] Face It, You’re Being Watched

Whether you realize it or not, companies and organizations across the country are employing facial recognition technology for all sorts of purposes. The video below looks at the various uses for this controversial new tech and why many people are wary about its quick expansion into everyday life.


  1. What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of using facial recognition technology in everyday life?
  2. Do you think Microsoft and Amazon should sign the Safe Face Pledge? Why or why not?

2 Responses to [VIDEO] Face It, You’re Being Watched

  • 1. Advantages for facial recognition include the ability to catch criminal from an actual video camera, being able to find children who have gone missing from their parents. Disadvantages for this technology include China using the facial recognition technology to find minorities, criminals, and those who protested against the Chinese government
    2. I think that Microsoft and Amazon should sign the Safe Face Pledge because it will give these companies the ability to use the facial recognition technology world wide, especially living in the time of a global pandemic which makes it easier for people to buy there products with a face online by using there webcam or in a section of one of their stores or store they partner with so that once the consumer using the facial recognition technology they can simply leave the story after paying with just there face on account created prior to enter the place.

  • 1- Advantages is that it helps each and every one of the police and investigative agencies to improve their search against criminals. It could help reduce crime because people knowing that they are being observed by face recognition will not commit an assault without thinking about it, it also helps in the disappearance of people by kidnapping. Disadvantages would only be for people dedicated to crime and vandalism, people against laws.
    2- Totally ye, Microsoft and Amazon should sign the Safe Face Pledge because they would increase in customers especially in times of Covid-19, many people make their purchases online and that could satisfy their customers more and help the country’s economy, it also helps to prevent card fraud.

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