[VIDEO] The Environmental Cost of Free Two-Day Shipping

December 1, 2017

During the upcoming holiday season, analysts estimate shoppers will spend more than $100 billion online. The majority of these purchases will likely be made on Amazon, which has attracted millions of loyal customers over the years through perks like free two-day shipping. But while undoubtedly convenient, quick shipping is far from environmentally sustainable. This video outlines the problem while also offering a few potential solutions.


  1. How does Amazon’s free two-day shipping program cause more trucks to end up on roads?
  2. What potential solutions does the video present that could solve quick shipping’s sustainability problem?

One Response to [VIDEO] The Environmental Cost of Free Two-Day Shipping

  • This is a really great video as it captures so many different chapters. Most importantly it encourages customer to change their buying habits and thus becoming a partner in keeping the environment clean, safe and healthy for the citizens of the world, no mean feat in itself.

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