[VIDEO] How 715,000 Pounds Of Cargo Moves Through DFW Airport

January 22, 2021

Even during the pandemic, the nation’s airports still manage to move tons of cargo across the country every day. This video takes a close look at how Dallas Fort Worth International Airport transports everything from live animals to human remains in this challenging, fast-paced environment. 


  1. How has the pandemic changed transportation and cargo procedures at American Airlines?
  2. Do you think cargo-only flights will continue after the pandemic? Why or why not?

One Response to [VIDEO] How 715,000 Pounds Of Cargo Moves Through DFW Airport

  • 1. The pandemic has made a significant difference how cargo is transported.
    Since the passenger routes were cut, it does make time sensitive things such as food, animals, or even remains to be held up by an indeterminate amount of time. While the procedures can be adapted to fit the current state of the world, it is has certain held up those previous procedures.

    2. American will continue to do cargo -only flights if at a reduced rate. Though those are not the main revenue for the company, the Dallas hub has adapted to Covid-19 and are prepared to potentially handle more cargo since more flights will be opened.

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