[VIDEO] How IKEA Gets You to Impulsively Buy More

October 26, 2018

We’ve all been there before: you go to the store with a carefully prepared shopping list only to walk out with tons of stuff you had no previous intention to buy. These types of impulse purchases are such a vital source of revenue that some retailers design their store layouts to encourage as much emotion-driven buying as possible. This video looks at how IKEA depends on winding pathways and strategic lighting to do just that.


  1. How does IKEA’s store layout encourage customers to purchase products impulsively?
  2. Why are impulse purchases so important to retailers like IKEA?

2 Responses to [VIDEO] How IKEA Gets You to Impulsively Buy More

  • 1. The Gruen effect has later influenced store layouts of many stores. In Ikea, they try to lay things out to present products in a way that people will be more likely to buy things. They set things up with a maze layout where the more they travel, the more they are exposed to. Customers are attracted to yellow bags, then spots of lights in showrooms, and then they are taking the scenic route to select items. The lights guide them around. In Ikea their layout forces customers to explore more of the floorspace.

    2. Ikea has a big floorspace and in Ikea they want people to explore more with the guidance of their layout. They want to make more and they want people to feel good while viewing the products. Impulse purchases become of more importance as the more Ikea forces their customers to look at with their layout, the more likely they are to have their customers purchase more goods.

  • 1) IKEA’s store layout encourages customers to purchase products impulsively by giving customers more experience background of how their products are displayed throughout the store and makes customers want to keep shopping for more products,

    2) Impulsive purchases are so important to retailers like IKEA because they want their customers to look for what they want to shop for and has customers spend more time looking at other products in different departments

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