September 8, 2017

codeYesterday the credit reporting company Equifax announced that hackers had breached their security systems and stolen personal information from 143 million customers. Along with names and birthdates, the hackers also obtained social security and driver’s license numbers. These pieces of data are basically gold to identity thieves, allowing them to make purchases, borrow money and more all under the victim’s name. “This is about as bad as it gets,” said World Privacy Forum executive director Pamela Dixon. “If you have Continue reading

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February 3, 2017

Yahoo launched in the early days of the Internet and quickly became one of the most popular sites in the world. At its height, the news and search site was valued at more than $100 billion. Last month, though, Verizon bought Yahoo for $4 billion, completing the final stage of the company’s long decline. This video tells the story of Yahoo’s fall from the pinnacles of Silicon Valley success.



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