April 28, 2023

In 1903, the Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Company launched Miller High Life, dubbing its then-signature brand “the Champagne of Bottle Beer.” Not much has changed about it more than a century later, except in the 1960s the company shortened its slogan to “Champagne of Beers” and included the saying in the brand’s logo. But while Miller’s famous catchphrase may seem inoffensive enough to most Americans, that view is not shared by the Comité Champagne. This French trade organization determines which products Continue reading

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June 24, 2016

Last night voters in the United Kingdom elected to part ways with the European Union. While the full consequences of this historic decision will not be known for a long time, this video explains the immediate impact of the “Brexit” and how the situation could play out in the coming months.



  1. Did UK voters make the correct decision? 
  1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of membership in an economic community like the European Union?
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