A week has passed since more than 17 million voters in Great Britain chose to leave the European Union, leading to confusion and plummeting stock markets throughout the world. And while the immediate economic fallout from the “Brexit” decision has tapered off in that time, political leaders as well as regular people still don’t know what will happen next. In fact, British citizens aren’t even sure who will be running their country in a few months. Prime Minister David Cameron Continue reading

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June 29, 2016

In the aftermath of the Brexit, many non-European observers have been left wondering why a majority of British voters opted to leave the EU. While a number of factors contributed to the historic ‘Leave’ decision, this video specifically looks at the euro’s role in plunging the Greek economy and how the crisis turned into a cautionary tale for other EU countries.


  1. Should wealthy EU countries send regular financial support to poor nations in the union?
  1. Will the euro last as a continent-wide currency?
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