March 2, 2022

For years the home workout company Peloton promised customers that it provided more than just a stationary bicycle–it was a way of life. But while Peloton thrived during the height of the pandemic as people stayed indoors, the video below shows how this once promising brand collapsed due to falling demand and mismanagement. 


  1. What sort of customers did Peloton initially market its product to? How did this change over time?
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April 4, 2019

Since launching a few years ago, the New York-based startup Peloton has grown into a $4 billion company by offering its high-end clientele a “private indoor cycling studio in your home.” For $2,000 plus a $39 monthly membership fee, customers receive a Peloton stationary bike equipped with a touchscreen that can stream more than 13,000 live and on-demand cycling classes. These workout sessions are often driven by upbeat songs from well-known artists to keep bikers peddling with enthusiasm.

But while Continue reading

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