[VIDEO] How Airbnb Fell From Successful Startup to Crisis Mode

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at how Airbnb hosts are struggling after the travel industry came to a standstill due to widespread stay-at-home orders. This video explains in greater detail why the once successful startup was so vulnerable to an economic downturn and what that means for both Airbnb and its hosts in the long term.


  1. What factors made Airbnb so successful for nearly a decade?
  2. Do you think Airbnb will be able to recover from this current crisis? Why or why not?

One Response to [VIDEO] How Airbnb Fell From Successful Startup to Crisis Mode

  • Airbnb is successful as it solves many problems in our society. First allow travels a less expensive option to travel and stay in a larger home than an efficiency basically with just a bed. Secondly, it allows smalls investors that want to be more involved than just being a traditional landlord that only gives off very small returns. I think the crisis may be a chance for more balanced recovery than simply a return to the norms of over valued, over crowded and over polluted cities.

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