[VIDEO] The Artificial Flower Factory that Serves Celebrities

January 20, 2023

This video dives deep into the story of M&S Schmalberg, the last artificial flower factory in the U.S. that crafts beautiful blossoms by hand. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this family-owned business serves everyone from top fashion designers and celebrities to individual clients with personal projects in mind. The video below delves into the history of M&S Schmalberg and its artisanal production methods while also examining the rise and fall of the American artificial flower industry over the span of a century.


  1. What effect did competition from overseas manufacturers have on the artificial flower industry in the U.S.? How has M&S Shmalberg managed to stay afloat through the years?
  2. Why is it important for M&S Shmalberg to hire and train new employees to replace their talented but aging staff?