[VIDEO] How PlayStation Saved Sony

November 19, 2020

Sony’s PlayStation 5 launched earlier this month and is expected to be one of the blockbuster products of the holiday season. This video looks at the evolution of the console throughout the years and how it became a central focus of Sony’s business.


  1. How did the PlayStation help Sony transition from a consumer electronics manufacturer into a gaming company?
  2. Why did Sony decide to focus closely on the gamer market for future generations of the PlayStation, and how did they accomplish this task?

One Response to [VIDEO] How PlayStation Saved Sony

  • 1. The PlayStation helped open up to the gaming community by making a revolutionary console which was huge at the time and made its way to become so popular it grew sony to the top with Microsoft!

    2. Sony decided to focus on the gaming industry by realizing new consoles and focusing on making what the people want which helped them out expenensitially.

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